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14 | Gossip Girl
14 | JC Chasez (& friends)
04 | Lance Bass
05 | Reese Witherspoon (w/ Jake Gyllenhaal)
15 | Rob Pattinson (& friends)
03 | Taylor Lautner
55 | Total

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Intro post

Hello there-

I just joined this community and nsync_icons at the same time, so I'll post here what I posted there. I've loved 'N Sync every day since that first time 'N Sync in Concert aired on the Disney Channel in the summer of '98, and was looking around for some icons of them (and especially of JC) when I found this community. All of the icons I've seen here so far look great, so look for lots of comments from me because I'm sure I'll want to use lots of your lovely pics.